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Download our 2023 National Whitepaper- FREE

The State of Cannabis:

15 Key US Markets

We are excited to announce our 2023 Annual White Paper Report, and are proud to offer it to extended the cannabis community - for Free.


Written by top accounting, legal, and consulting experts from across the US, this report is written by leading authorities in the today’s cannabis marketplace. This 180+ page national whitepaper explores essential details about doing business in 15 key developing states.


The report examines business opportunities and challenges particular to each region, as well as social equity, tax, and employment issues that regional operators must navigate. The report also details essential risk management, employment data, and general market insights unique to our industry. 

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Be prepared as the marketplace continues to expand & develop

As the chamber of commerce for the cannabis industry, we are here to help support your business and assist you with great information and business development opportunities as you grow!

Please download the report, share with others, and learn more about how we can create value for you!

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