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Access our 2022 Tri-State Whitepaper

Opportunities & Challenges in the Tri-State Cannabis Marketplace

Get access to the insights of our consultant, legal, and accounting leaders in the Tri-State market (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut). This whitepaper will help prepare cannabis operators interested in the region to take advantage of the emerging landscape.

Download the whitepaper and get an understanding of how to better navigate the unique challenges of social equity, tax, and employment in the Tri-State marketplace.


Be Prepared as the Tri-State market develops

The Cannabis Chamber of Commerce recognizes the tremendous opportunities that are currently unfolding in this region for cannabis entrepreneurs, businesses and investors.

As the industry's non-profit trade association, we are committed to helping new & expanding operators prepare for the developing potential.

Download the whitepaper to learn more!

Whitepaper Contributors

Michael D. Schwamm, Esq.


Duane Morris LLP

Mike Goral J.D., LLM

National Cannabis Partner in Charge

Armanino LLP

Kevin Cassidy, CPA

Director: Cannabis Advisory Services

Citrin Cooperman


Cannabiz Team

Hirsh Jain
Ananda Strategy

Rachel A. Wright, CPA MST


AB FinWright LLP

Marvin J. Miller Jr., Esq.
Crath Miller & Xistris LLP

Chris Boudreau

Chief Executive Officer


Matthew Nathaniel
Director: Expansion
Shryne Group

Simon Menkes, CPA

Trusted Advisor

AB FinWright LLP

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