The Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

Who is The Cannabis Chamber?

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Bureau of Cannabis Control, CalCannabis CDPH, Cannabis Saftey Branch

The Cannabis Chamber of Commerce is a multi-region non-profit trade association whose purpose is to function as the chamber of commerce for the cannabis industry. Our organization is comprised of local regional chapters led by top licensed operators and leading cannabis industry professionals. The Cannabis Chamber was formed to promote the common interests of our business members by facilitating introductions and creating opportunities for compliant B2B activities through our regional chapters in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.


Our driving purpose is to foster development and help unite retailers, manufacturers, cultivators, distributors, and other resources that offer valued business opportunities for our members. We know our communities, the businesses, and the leaders, and we help bring together the connections, products, and resources that our members have challenges obtaining on their own. Our regional chapters are dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the broader compliant cannabis industry through our signature networking mixers, educational events, and chamber resources.


Membership in our organization gives you an opportunity to get involved at several levels. As a member, you can learn more about the industry, industry leadership, connecting with industry leaders, and becoming a leader yourself. We bring key elements together to help our members find strategic synergy for greater success, and to advance the industry for deserving patients and consumers. Our fundamental goal is to positively impact the professional, political, medical, and scientific aspects of our industry. The Cannabis Chamber of Commerce is a proud affiliate member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), the Cannabis Consumer Policy Council (CCPC), and the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB).

Our Affiliate Partners

Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors guide and give shape to our organization. Our top leadership is comprised of volunteer members from regional chapters throughout the State to ensure reach, voice, and representation for every market. Click the button below to learn more about the cannabis industry leaders who are building our organization:

Our Regional Chapters

The Cannabis Chamber of Commerce has active chapters throughout the major metropolitan markets of California. Click on the regional chapters below to learn more about the events and local leadership that represent the cannabis industry in each market:

Our Membership Value

  • Introductions to important networking opportunities, and the opportunity to share information about brands & products

  • A networking platform for retailers, product manufacturers, growers, distributors, and service providers to share needed products and services for our businesses members

  • Valuable political insight and connections with key political staff and land use experts to stay on top of developing issues and opportunities that could impact businesses in our industry

  • Relationships with local politicians & regulating agencies to help develop the expanding cannabis marketplace

  • Respected local advocacy to secure and expand the legal market for cannabis products

Our Mission Statement

For Cannabis Industry Leaders, by Cannabis Industry Leaders

Our Vision Statement

To be a key asset to the cannabis industry as a recognized leader for facilitating valuable business connections, delivering meaningful resources, and supporting quality business events that host cannabis professionals from around the globe.

Our Core Values

Integrity: We uphold honesty, ethical practices, and environmental responsibility in our involvement with our team, business partners, and industry connections. 

Community: We believe all members of the cannabis industry should be a good neighbor to set an example for others to follow and create a sustainable legacy- Professional integrity and respect provide the foundation in how we treat others.  

Compassion: We stand with our community, but also stand to support our community. This means supporting and caring for those who are suffering with medical needs that can be assisted with cannabis products, in addition to those who are working tirelessly to create cannabis products.

Leadership: We inspire each other to achieve and grow through a shared vision and passion to excel.

Communication: We encourage open and frequent dialogue, actively listening with earnest response for our team and those in the cannabis industry.

Recognition: We recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of those in our community, the association's greatest asset.

Excellence: We recognize the importance of excellence in ourselves and to the association. We develop and deliver information, products and services to standards of the highest quality.