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Webinar Recap: Strategies for Tri-State (NY, NJ, CT) Legalization

On Thursday March 24th at 1:00pm PST, our panel of experts examined potential strategies for cannabis legalization in the Tri-State region.

We discuss recent business developments, how to find key opportunities in the area, mapping technology, tax planning, and the details of what to expect.

Join us for this rare chance to hear perspectives from top industry executives; as we all prepare for the future potential outcomes of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut cannabis legalization.

Featured Presenters:

VIDEO: Strategies for Tri-State Legalization of Cannabis

Examples of Conversation Topics:

  • How do the three states plan to tax cannabis in their jurisdiction?

  • What impact does the various taxing methods encourage customers to travel to a neighboring state to arbitrage the taxes imposed on cannabis products?

  • Will there be a “de facto” interstate commerce among these states?

  • How does the license structure in the tri-state area differ from the mature markets?

  • What should a potential applicant be doing now to prepare?

  • What kind of capital is available for investment?

  • Are there any legal issues unique to cannabis that a cannabis business should be aware?

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