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Virtual Sessions: Succeeding in Cannabis Manufacturing with Michael Moussalli of Se7enLeaf

Our virtual seminar featured speaker Michael Mousalli, Co-founder of Se7enLeaf, who will take a deep dive into what it takes to navigate challenges to be successful manufacturer in the cannabis industry.

In 2017, Michael co-founded Se7enLeaf with two partners as a white label manufacturer, co-packer and distributor located in Orange County, CA.

Se7enLeaf was the first company in Orange County to receive dual licensure and Michael oversaw the company’s licensing process with the City of Costa Mesa and State of California, as well as the buildout of the company’s Non-Volatile Manufacturing facility, Volatile Manufacturing Facility and two Distribution facilities. This will be a very educational webinar!

"Se7enLeaf has focused on live and cured concentrates, vape cartridges, sprays, topicals, tinctures, and pre-rolls. The company currently produces about 300,000 pre-rolled joints monthly. Pre-rolls and flower make up about 60 percent of the market in California, they are not going anywhere anytime soon." - Michael Moussalli, Co- Founder and Partner, Se7enLeaf

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